Saturday, 17 July 2010

Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light

I haven’t heard so much of Jimmy Eat World since their awesome album Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World, however I’ve been listening to their album Chase This Light from 2007 and it is sweeeet. Here’s some tracks from that.


Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues

Electable (Give It Up)

Carry You

Always Be

Apart from this album and their Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World, I’m not as keen on their other albums. But I’m really excited for their new album Invented which is set to be released in September this year.


  1. Sup Uella. It's Simon if you haven't noticed already :p
    Have you heard Boards of Canada? If not I strongly reccommend you do.

    Some songs to look up:
    Hey Saturday Sun
    Dayvan Cowboy
    Turquoise Hexagon Sun
    '84 Pontaic Dream
    Rue the Whirl

    Just to name a few.

  2. Awesome thanks I'll look them up! :)